Recommended Videos

With so many videos online, it can be difficult to know where to start.
Hopefully, this page will steer music/marimba lovers in some interesting and fun directions.

Click on ZMF Recommended to go to our YouTube Playlist!

The ZMF Recommended playlist includes performances on marimba, vibraphone, percussion and more, as well as videos of various artists speaking about music (on topics we feel might be relevant to marimbists).

Here is fascinating discussion on listening for everyone to consider! See three more discussions between Barenboim and Waltz on ZMF Recommended.

Additional links:

Kurt Schwertsik: Now you hear me, now you don't
Video podcast introducing a new marimba concerto, with Colin Currie

Christos Rafalides: Rodinia
Premiere at ZMF 2013, performed by Adrian Lin, Saki Kurata, Natalie Klco & Rick Puzzo

Mario-Castelnuovo-Tedesco: Platero Y Yo; Movement 1: Platero
Filmed on March 6, 2014, performed by Dorian Cox

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